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Back Pain Specialist

Premier Chiropractic

Sean Rundle, D.C.

Chiropractor located in Orange County, Laguna Hills, CA

Back pain can result from many different factors and the pain can interfere with quality of life. Dr. Sean Rundle at Premier Chiropractic uses chiropractic methods to provide effective pain relief to patients in Orange County, Laguna Hills, California.

Back Pain Q & A

Is back pain common?

About 80% of Americans experience back pain during their life. Back pain is, without a doubt, the number one cause of work time lost through injury to this area. Premier Chiropractic’s program of treatment provides effective relief for many back injuries. Chiropractic care, which is the first step in treatment, uses the body’s own recuperative powers, along with the relationship between the spinal column, nervous system, and the rest of the body to restore and maintain good health. 

What causes back pain? 

A person can experience back pain for several reasons. Some of the most common causes of back pain include muscle strains, ligament or tendon damage, spinal disc injury, subluxation of a vertebra, or any combination of these conditions. Symptoms of back pain are often due to inflammation in the joint and muscles. If nerve pain is the cause, there can be limited movement that interferes with your favorite activities. There are basically two types of back pain: acute and chronic.

What are the treatment options?

To determine the best course of treatment for your back pain, an examination will be done first. Components of the exam will include x-rays, a medical history, and a physical exam. Once a diagnosis is formed, a treatment plan will be designed specifically for your symptoms to get you pain-free again. If there are muscle spasms or stiffness present, we offer pressure point therapy and massage therapy as a way to ‘soften’ things up and get those muscles back to feeling normal again! For joint pain relief, the application of gentle spinal manipulation will be done to return the joint to its natural state. This also helps to reduce pain and inflammation. In cases involving sciatica, or if there is a herniated disc, the office at Premier Chiropractic is equipped with the latest technology for acute or chronic cases.