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1 in every 2 Americans die each year from Heart Disease, and 1 in every 3 die of Cancer! These statistics are 5-20 times higher than the rest of the world, or even in this country 30 years ago.

There are many, many lifestyle choices that make these diseases so prevalent. High cholesterol, stress, lack of exercise, eating a diet high in saturated fat, and many other factors place you in pole position in the race to an early death.

Cancer also has similar risk factors that can be avoided altogether. Hormone replacement therapy increase the risk of cervical cancer, eating smoked meats and nitrates increase risk of stomach cancer, smoking leads to lung and mouth cancer, high fat diets lead to colon cancer, aspartame causes brain tumors, saccharine causes bladder cancer, and on and on…

If you knew that something would kill you, would you willingly do it, or consume it? Me neither! The point is, ACT AS IF you are going to get cancer or heart disease. Eat organically, exercise at least 3 three times per week, stop smoking, or don’t start altogether, cut the fat in your diet, no more artificial sweeteners and use natural cleaning products.

God gave you a great perfect body, so take care of it! Make your decisions wisely. You only live once, and at some point, you won’t be able to get your health back. Ask any bed-ridden millionaire and he or she would gladly give it all up to be healthy again!

Sean Rundle, DC

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