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Is It THAT Important?

Every day your body functions based on this one system...

Your eyes blink and you see. Your tongue tastes while your stomach digests. Your ears hear and can even tell from which direction the sound is coming from and you can speak. During the day you walk, run, stand still, and sit. You are breathing, your blood is circulating, the temperature of your body is being regulated, and your immune system is fighting off any bacteria or viruses with which you come into contact with. Every night, while you sleep, your body is still working and working hard to replenish your energy, to rebuild the cells of your blood, skin, tissues and organs, and still you are breathing. All of this happens on it's own.

You cut your skin...your body heals it. You break a bone...your body mends it. You eat an apple...your body uses it to build new, healthy cells. You eat unhealth food (food poisening)...your body rejects it. You get a body produced a 'runny nose' and 'cough' to get rid of it. You get an body raises it's temperature to 'burn it off'. These are all natural responses from your nervous system to keep you healthy. 

The strenght and ability of your nervous system simply requires that the structure and bones that protect it, do not compromise it. That structure, and those bones, are what make up your spine! That's right, your spine completely houses and protects your nervous system. 

So let me ask you this...

If you knew that the health and integrity of your spine (structure) is directly related to the health and function of your nervous system - the ONLY system that controls and regulates the function of every organ, muscle, tissue and cell of your body - wouldn't you want to take care of it on a regular basis so that you can function, perform, heal and live at your best?

Look...this isn't a 'Chiropractic thing'. It isn't an 'Orthopedic or Medical thing' either. It is basic Anatomy and Physiology. It is how the body was designed and operates. Chiropractic doesn't do anything to change or alter your body's chemistry. It doesn't add or remove anything from your body. It simply works WITH your body to preserve it's structure, and thus it's fucntion. THIS is what chiropractic is. 

We spend time, energy and money taking care of our homes, our cars, our teeth. Wouldn't it make as much sense, if not MORE, to take care of the one system responsible for every function of, and the health of, and the immunity of our body - the MOST IMPORTANT thing we have? The answer is YES!

Chiropractic isn't just about neck pain, headaches and back pain. It's about health and function. It's about YOU! 

PS: Look...most of our patients don't come to us just because they have pain. They come to us because the pain they are experiencing is having a negative impact on their life. It is interferring with something they want to do, need to do or love to do. Plain and's affecting their life! Stop letting pain keep you from doing what you want. Don't just medicate it for the short term relief. Get it corrected, for good, so that you don't have to keep living with it and letting it take control of what's important to you...your life!

Sean Rundle, DC

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