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Are you HEALTHY just because you look and feel good?

A man jumps off a high rise building and as he passes each window he looks inside, waves, and says, “I feel great and am doing fine so far!”

The real Problem begins with believing that how we FEEL is a good measure of how healthy we are!

What are we doing that is killing us on the inside?

Think about this for a moment and really think about it. The next time you wake up in the morning feeling yucky, with a fever or a runny nose, or you vomit, think about why! Next time you have a hangover or a headache think about the cause. And the very next time someone passes away because of cancer or has a “sudden” heart attack, think about how they were feeling 2 or 3 years ago. Your body is extremely intelligent!

FEVERs are a very important immune function. They are a safe way that the body can kill viruses or bacteria that have attacked your health. To take Aspirin to lower this function is to allow an infection a better chance to attack your body!

A RUNNY NOSE is merely a defense from allergens, bacteria, and viruses outside the body. Mucus keeps these things from entering your lungs, thus the body. To take an antihistamine is to rob the body of its defense system, lowering your immunity, and allows viruses, bacteria and allergens a great chance to enter your body!

VOMITTING allows your body to rid itself contents which are harmful, and would do more damage to you if digested further. Think of it as your internal protection!

These are just 3 examples of feeling horrible despite a healthy reaction!

HANGOVER’S & HEADACHES are not due to a lack of a pain killer. Sometimes it is because you are dehydrated! Drink water! And other headaches can be from spinal subluxation, low blood sugar, or withdrawal from caffeine. Fix the problem, not the symptom! Your body tells you when you are doing something wrong! Listen!

 The AMA tells us that 5 of 6 people will die from Heart Disease or Cancer! These are diseases that rarely exhibit symptoms until it is too late. This means the disease grows within us while we are “feeling fine” for years before it finally kills us. The worst thing is that these are diseases that we give ourselves.

Health is not something you are given or that just happens, you have to earn it. Just because you feel Great doesn’t mean you are healthy! Just because you feel bad doesn’t mean you need a drug! Give your body a chance to heal itself, it is very intelligent!

Choose Health!

Sean Rundle, DC

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