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The Four Essentials for Life

The Four Essentials for Life:

There have been found to be four basic essentials to life, as we know it. The difference in excellence of these four things gives way to a respective quality of life. Of course, it is left up to you to choose this higher quality, leading you to live longer and happier, instead of just existing!

Food ~ the body can live approximately 30 days without food.

The nutrients gained from food give the body energy, supplying fuel for movement as well as healing and self-sustaining actions, (ex. Breathing, blood flow, muscle contractions, etc). It is the quality of this food that determines how much nutrition the body receives. Also determined by this factor, are what toxins the body must “weed out” in order to gain nutrition. Many processed foods today lack nutrition altogether, many vegetables and fruits are covered in pesticides or are genetically engineered. This just presents the body with yet another obstacle, taking away valuable energy from the body to rid itself of such toxic junk. Make a choice, choose organic unprocessed foods, the way nature makes them, and minimize the toxins in your lifestyle.

Water ~ the body can live approximately 4 days without water.

You body has an average of 60 to 70% total make up of water. Your brain is 83%, muscles 75%, and bones 22%. Infants are approximately 70 to 80% water. So really we all just need to drink more, but what about the quality? There are things lurking in our water supplies today. In fact many cities send out alerts as to the local water contents. It is best to start drinking filtered water, and because your skin is an absorptive organ, possibly filter the water in which you bathe!

Air ~ the body can only live for a matter of minutes without air (about 4min.).

Some people have trained hard to gain larger lung capacity. However the world record for holding ones breath is still a matter of minutes. It is the oxygen in our air that allows the body to thrive, a major part of the chemical cycle that produces energy for all the body’s functions. Do your part to help keep the air as clean as possible!

~ And Nerve Supply ~


The body can only live a fraction of a second without nerve supply!

 The Nervous System has two main parts, the Central and the Peripheral systems. The entire nervous system acts as a master system, it controls everything that you do, and don’t think about doing. That is to say, not a single thing happens without your nervous system first initiating an action. In fact it is so important that it is the first thing that is created when a fetus is growing and it is entirely encased in bone for protection. Every action, healing, hearing, seeing, breathing, blood flow, temperature maintenance, originates in the brain. A message travels down the spinal column and out into the body. Subluxations block and slow these messages, and the only way to remove the interference caused by subluxations is to get adjusted.

It is about quality of life!   In order to be at 100%, your body must be functioning at 100%! It all begins with your Nervous System! Health comes from within!

Dr. Sean

Sean Rundle, DC

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